RaceRoom – Actualização Setembro

Highlights of this update:
Imola is now available
Warmup sessions are now an option on dedicated servers
Tire compounds for Formula RaceRoom X-17 and U.S.
Reduced Join Lags in multiplayer
Fixed car-to-car collisions that could sometimes have “magnetic” effects of either repulsion or attraction.
Results files generated by the dedicated server now include car class information and results per class.
Added warmup option to dedicated servers. When multiple race sessions are enabled, a warmup will be taking place before each of them.
Sessions such as free practice, leaderboard challenge, competitions, “try before you buy” are now set to last much longer than anyone could reasonably have a need for (24 hours)
Decision to inflict Stop and Go and Drive Through penalties is now more lenient.
Slow Down penalties will no longer increase once the player has triggered the automatic slow down of his car.
Wall Riding prevention no longer triggers if player is applying pressure on the brakes at the moment of impact.
Graphic options : Car reflections can now be set to Low, Medium or High. High has smoother moving reflections, at the price of some performance.
Improved AI decision making in pitstops when it comes to tire wear and changing tires.
Cases like Hillclimb Icons where there are only 2 liveries in total no longer result in AI all picking the same car.
Custom Championship default naming now includes the car class name instead of just the date and time.
Resetting the car on the track now takes the raceline in consideration to avoid placing a car right on the ideal line.
Added variables for tire compounds in shared memory.
Made the “near pitlane” speed overlay warning only show up if player has requested a pitstop. Should prevent accidental occurrences on tracks where the pitlane entry is close to the ideal raceline (ie Salzburgring).
Added a default profile for Fanatec 2.5 wheelbase.
Fixed a short freeze of the game that was occuring when setting a faster lap in time attack modes.
Fixed a typo in a driver name “Roberto Ravaglia” (DTM 92)
Fixed an issue with Hockenheim alternative layouts that did not have a defined amount of turns and were messing up ranking/safety rating calculations and results in general.
Fixed an issue with the opponents revlimiter being too low on replays recorded in multiplayer that included a Formula RaceRoom X-17
Fixed an issue with cursor becoming invisible when using Mouse Steering and coming back from an instant replay.
Fixed an issue where player could see the menu disappear when clicking on the timing screen right at the moment of a session switch.
Fixed an issue where the pitlane speed overlay would remain visible on screen when finishing a race by driving through the pitlane.
Fixed an issue where mouse scrolling in certain menu pages wasn’t working after moving the window or changing the resolution of the game.
Fixed an issue with the fuel gauge in the BMW M235i Racing that could sometimes be lighting on and off.
Fixed an issue with the data display in the Formula RaceRoom X-17 where it would state P2P instead of DRS in Time Attack modes.
Fixed an issue where players could sometimes end up in Garage phase (prior to race) without having the menu visible.
Fixed an issue where the player’s car would sometimes use the min/max steering lock values of the previously loaded car.
Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes load the low detailed version of the cockpit on top of the high detailed version.
Fixed an issue where exiting from an instant replay while in free camera would result in a mouse cursor being visible on top of the gameplay.

Sound, Physics & AI:
Audi R18 : Fixed the default driving camera that was too high
BMW M235i Racing : New cockpit sounds, louder, grittier, gruntier.
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3 : Fixed the rearview in triple screen resolutions
Formula RaceRoom U.S. : 2 compounds are now available. Primary and Alternate. AI behavior and speed tweaks.
Formula RaceRoom X-17 : 3 compounds are now available. Soft, Medium and Hard. AI behavior and speed tweaks.

Chang International : updated cut detection rules
Nordschleife : tweaked a TV camera at Aremberg that could go behind an advertisement board.
Spa-Francorchamps : Fixed a TV camera that was set behind ADAC advertisement banners on Kemmel straight when driving GT Masters 2015 cars.
Suzuka : Fixed a cut detection around the pitlane entry of the GP layout where you could get a cut while only driving near the pitlane path.

BMW 134 Judd – New driver animation
BMW M6 GT3 : improved the yellow headlights visuals
Chevrolet Daytona Prototype : New driver animation
DMD P20 : New driver animation
Mistral M530 : New driver animation
Mistral M531 : New driver animation
Formula RaceRoom X-17 – New DRS animation for the rear wing. Much more visible.



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